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Shows you general and detailed info about every component of your system
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PC Wizard is a powerful application that shows you both general and detailed information about every component of your system. Besides, the program offers you a series of benchmark tests that you can use to know the real performance level of your system in various areas. The program is updated monthly, so that its latest version is always compatible with the most modern hardware.

PC Wizard offers a tabbed user interface that groups all the tests and reports available into 5 sections. The first one is "Hardware", and it shows you very detailed information about your system components, such as the mainboard, the processor, the video card, the network card, and the printers, among others. Besides, a general system summary is also available. The "Configuration" section, on the other hand, shows you the configuration details of many areas of your system, like the active processes and threads, the control panel, the true type fonts, the security, and the Internet, just to mention some.

Next is the "System files" section, which offers you both the contents and general information about files such as system.ini, config.nt, or the Internet Explorer's URL history. The fourth is the "Resources" section, and it allows you to know more about your TCP ports and connections, your I/O ports, your interruption requests (IRQs), and the Direct Memory Access (DMA). Finally, the "Benchmark" section allows you to select among several benchmark tests that you can execute to have a clear idea about your system's real performance. However, these tests may overload your system very easily. To give you an idea, the "Windows Performance Rating" test took almost 8 minutes on my system, and it turned out to be very unresponsive (I was on the verge of restarting my system).

As you can see, PC Wizard is a complete set of tools that gives you access to highly detailed information about your system's hardware and software components ─ and their performance level. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the information that this program provides, it is only suitable for advanced users and system administrators.

Ricardo Soria
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  • It is updated monthly to remain compatible with the latest hardware
  • Provides you with very detailed info about every hardware component of your system
  • Allows you to see the contents of all important system files
  • Includes 12 benchmark tests that you can perform on your system


  • Suitable for expert users only
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