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PC WIZARD 2008 is powerful free tool to analyze a computer system
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PC WIZARD 2008 is powerful free tool to analyze a computer system, regarding information for all the components from the processor itself to all the devices connected to the system.
According to the publisher, it is updated at least once a month, to be ready for all the new components and technology coming up.

The application detects the installed or related hardware in an accurate way, displaying all the available information about all the components.

It also analyses the Central Process Unit (CPU), RAM memory, Disk units, removable drivers and graphic card performance, as well as the compression level applied for MP3 files, etc.

When the user selects what to analyse, it starts an instant scan and offers the results with associated details.
All about Mainboard, Voltage, Fans operation, Temperature, Processor(s), BIOS info, RAM Memory, Memory profile, Frequency, Direct Media Interface, Timing, Cache memory, Busses, Serial and Parallel Ports, USB performance, Battery, Video monitor, Graphic card, Video memory, Frequency, Sound boards, Keyboard, Mouse, Hard Disk Drives, Removable drives, Adapters, TWAIN devices, PCMIA devices, Bluetooth devices, Printers, Modems (if any), Network connections, etc.

Software information: Operating System version, serial number, product key, Passwords for eMail clients, Messengers, Virtual memory, Memory mangement, installed Fonts, OLE objects and servers, Process activity, Modules, Internet browsers information, IRQ settings, DMA, I/O, Memory map, System files and benchmarks, MP3 compression, etc.

This application can create a report as an analysis result and print it, send it via email, etc. and also can export it in txt, rtf, html, pdf o csv formats. Graphics to be exported as bmp files.

The user interface is very easy to use and offers multilanguage support.

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